Shine, provides exceptional cleaning services to clients within the New York State area. We manage your bookings, schedules and all other cleaning appointments online or over the phone. Once you have book with us, we will send one of our cleaning professionals to make your space shine.
We use and provide environmentally friendly supplies and nearly all equipment required for cleaning your home, with a few exceptions. We do not provide:
  • Heavy-duty bathroom cleaner
  • Wood cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • Conventional mop and bucket
  • Step stool
  • Toilet brush
We are happy to use these items, if provided by you, and left out in clear view for our cleaning staff and accompanied by directions on their use.
Whether or not you’re at home during your cleaning appointment is up to you! When you make a booking, you’ll be prompted to give us entry instructions. If you have a doorman or can hide a key somewhere, there’s no need for you to be home. Or, feel free to stick around during the clean. Whatever you’re most comfortable with is fine. In any case, please don’t forget about your appointments. We’ll remind you with an email or text message, but if the cleaner can’t get in the door by following your entry instructions, or if you aren’t home when you said you would be, you’ll be charged a lock-out fee.
Yes, Shine is bonded and insured so you don’t have to worry about theft or a cleaner getting hurt while doing their assign duty. We understand that it is a privilege to be in your home and we are always extra careful. Please notify us within 24hrs after your appointment is completed in the event something is damage or an object is broken by email at info@shinejr.com or by phone (212-40-0065).
Yes, they are trained thoroughly once background screenings passed.

Home Cleaning

We provide a customized post-construction clean for these types of situations. Please contact us at 212-401-0065 or email to info@shinejr.com to coordinate this and receive pricing information.
Our cleaners will use on non-carpeted areas a travel wet/dry mop. If you do not have a vacuum our cleaners will not be able to properly clean your carpeted area.
Yes, special request can be left for our cleaners when you make your appointment online.

Commercial/Office Cleaning

Everyone likes walking into a clean environment. A clean workspace can reduce the likelihood of employees getting sick, allowing your business to be more productive (and more profitable). A clean workspace has been shown to reduce the probability of catching the common cold by 80% and reduce absenteeism by 46%!
Depending on your preference we clean during both during and after business hours and we are prepared to clean day or night. Many customers give us a key for after-hours cleaning, so we can clean without disrupting your work. Our cleaning staff are insured and bonded, and Shine Janitorial & Restoration Inc. will coordinate all necessary documentation with your building manager.
At Shine Janitorial & Restoration Inc “Air Quality Is Our Control”, so we do take pride when it comes to quality control. Our cleaning supervisor joins the cleaners on their first clean and checks in with them periodically both over the phone or person.


We accept all major credit and debit cards with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express logo. We do not accept cash payments.
This is up to you the client, tips may be given in cash form (optional).
We assess a $50 cancellation fee to appointments not cancelled by 3PM EST the day before the appointment, unless that clean is a specialty clean. For specialty cleans (including but not limited to post-construction/post-renovation cleans), a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the price quoted for that specialty clean will be applied to appointments not cancelled by 3PM EST the day before the appointment.